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File Format Guide


Make sure your files will work with our system. This list will help:


.pdfPortable Document File, edited in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop, Supports Vector and Raster Images, Embeds Entire Layout, Created by Programs such as Adobe InDesign, Easily Opened by Programs Used in Printing


.epsEncapsulated Postscript Image, edited in Adobe Illustrator, Supports Vector and Raster Images, the standard format for Postscript Files
.aiVector file, edited in Adobe Illustrator, Supports Vector and Raster Images
.psdRaster Image File, edited in Adobe Photoshop, capable of Powerful Visual Effects, Multiple Layers and Transparent Backgrounds
.tifTag Image File Format, edited in Adobe Photoshop, Raster Photographic Image, can Support Effects
.pngPortable Network Graphic, edited in Adobe Photoshop, Compressed Raster Photographic Image, Transparent Background
.jpgCompressed Raster Photographic Image, edited in Adobe Photoshop, created by the Joint Photographic Experts Group
.inddLayout file, edited in Adobe InDesign, capable of Linking Graphics, can edit Vector Graphics and apply Effects, REQUIRES LINKS AND FONTS USED
.pubAvoid Additional Charges by Converting to PDF FIRST, Layout file, edited in Microsoft Publisher, NOT Professional Print Ready
.docAvoid Additional Charges by Converting to PDF FIRST, Word Processing file, edited in Microsoft Word, NOT Professional Print Ready






  • Raster Images are made up of a grid of different colored squares, known as pixels, that all together view as a single image.
  • Raster images are usually better for real life images such as a face or a landscape.
  • The more pixels per area makes the image appear sharper and more clear. This is known as High Resolution. The less pixels per area makes the image appear blocky and distorted. This is known as Low Resolution. Increasing the size of a raster image has the same effect as having a Lower Resolution.



  • Vector Graphics use mathematic points and lines to create objects and shapes.
  • Vector Graphics are usually better for logos and clean solid color graphics.
  • No matter how big or small, a Vector Graphic will always appear crisp and clear. There is no need for any resolution because the computer fills in the designated points and lines.