Color Printing

Standard Color Printing Processes and Equipment in a Printing Company

Color helps improve reader comprehension, and easily increases the appeal of print ads and other marketing tools. This means that your promotional material has a higher chance of getting noticed, plus you effectively get your message across. However, many still perceive that color printing is expensive, and hence becomes an impediment in achieving higher-impact publicity materials.

More advanced printing facilities have made color printing a viable option for many enterprises since its cost has dropped significantly and rapidly within a period of only a few years. The price difference in printing in full color and with black ink only has become so little, even negligible in some cases.

Avalon Printing & Graphics has modern offset and digital printing machines capable of creating full color prints at commercial quantities and short-run orders, respectively. You can print as little as one copy or as many as 100,000, depending on the material of your choice, yet you still get consistently quality regardless of the amount of pieces you purchase.

Both technologies uses the CMYK color process that includes cyan, magenta, yellow and the key color black. By combining each of these four base colors at varying intensities, shades and hues present in your images are duplicated to create vivid reproductions in print. This color process maintains economical consumption of ink at each run so the products are kept affordable.

Among our full color products are postcards, business cards, catalogs, calendars, pocket folders, brochures, large posters, vinyl banners, window clings and adhesive back prints. We also have complementary services like free project review, electronic proofing, instant pricing, and design and technical assistance.

Create ads that have impact and will give you good value for your money with full color prints from Avalon Printing & Graphics.